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Can anyone help me download 2 files downloaded from FileNext host?


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I require two archive files hosted on FileNext Premium users only which are around 500 MB and 800 MB respectively.  Can anyone instruct me of the best way to do so...I would not want to buy a premium account for only these (one time) two downloads 

Thanks for any help or advice in this regard

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Wouldn't it be easier if you told us the names of the files you're looking for on FileNext ? There are other places than FileNext & usually files are available on several sites. And since you're a member for more than 7 years, you should be able to make a proper request on this forum. Otherwise, have a look at the forum rules.

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Please make request for the files in:


But you must have 10 topics or posts before you can post in the request sections, I noticed you only have 8 posts.

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