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Kitty Wells - I Heard the Jukebox Playing (2018)


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Kitty Wells - I Heard The Jukebox Playing (2018)


01. Each Day
02. Dancing with a Stranger
03. A Mansion on the Hill
04. A Change of Heart
05. Standing Room Only
06. I Guess I'll Go On Dreaming
07. The Winner of Your Heart
08. The Pace That Kills
09. Stubborn Heart
10. Right or Wrong
11. Broken Marriage Vows
12. She's No Angel
13. If Teardrops Were Pennies
14. Lonely Street
15. You Can't Conceal a Broken Heart
16. Sweeter Than the Flowers
17. What About You
18. Just When I Needed You
19. That's Me Without You
20. The Waltz of the Angels
21. Cheated out of Love
22. May You Never Be Alone
23. Touch and Go Heart
24. Love Me to Pieces
25. After Dark
26. Your Wild Life's Gonna Get You Down
27. You're Not Easy to Forget
28. I Heard the Jukebox Playing
29. Lonely Side of Town
30. My Used to Be Darling
31. (Don’t Hang Around) He's Married to Me
32. Honky Tonk Waltz
33. I'm Tired of Pretending
34. Divided by Two
35. Beside You
36. They Can't Take Your Love
37. One by One
38. As Long as I Live
39. A Wedding Ring Ago
40. Make Believe (Till We Can Make It Come True)
41. You and Me
42. Memory of a Love
43. I'm a Stranger in My Home
44. No One but You
45. I'm Counting on You
46. Oh so Many Years
47. One Week Later
48. When I'm with You
49. Can You Find It in Your Heart
50. Goodbye Mister Brown
51. Mother Hold Me Tight

Hurry if you want to download the album: this is a [Dead Links? Topic Removed!] thread. No mirrors will be added ... get it while it's hot!


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Cheers, :hi:

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