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General Chat - The Rules


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The General Chat section sort of says it all. It is for the stuff that is really non specific, day-to-day items that might be of interest, or just a general discussion.

HOWEVER, our membership is wide and varied and people have different outlooks on life, so let's be the adults we are and post with regard to others who may have a different viewpoint. But, just in case:-


Forum rules apply!




  • Spam/Advertisement will not be tolerated. We don't want to hear about your new porn site or your plan to make a billion dollars in one week by scamming people.

  • No Religious posts.

  • Always treat fellow posters with respect and courtesy.

  • Avoid personal attacks. If you disagree with what someone posted, debate their post and not the person that posted it.

  • Pornography, pedophilia, drugs, terrorism, hacking, Race, Transsexualism, Religion and Government Politics are not to be discussed or directly linked to in any way, shape, or form.

  • No advertising/posting about cheap warez CD/Cracks for sales are allowed. Warez is FREE.

  • We do not condone cyber bullying, so report it right away. It is up to Admin to take action.


As ever, rules may change later so make sure you check in now and again.


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